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first day of October 2011.}
Saturday, 1 October 2011 | 01:13 | 0Comment

hai ? muahaha, i like laugh don't think its freak. :P hey ! one week schooling. its feeling GREAT ! iloveschooling. last Mon' or last Wed' i didn't remember, its was a best moment i have. yaa, he was spoke with me. oh yeahh. ! wlaupnengkausudaab'punyasytetapsukasmakamo. ;D <3 now, i was falling' to him. 0.o  BUT HE NOT AVAILABLE bha. hello ? ? ? what i wanna do now ? ? forgot? he my schoolmate everytime we schooling sure  meet each other everywhere. heh ! PJL. moreover, who want a girl like me. D: after we meet last Mon' or last Wed' he can't lose from my mind. ilikeagirlclapwith1handonly. hmm, what now? crying? urgghh, im not a girl like that anymore. uhh ! i hope i can forget it. Amen.  but why he must busy2 comes to my world hah??  idiot boy ! (but u still good n hensem boy) ;DD then last Thurs' also have a boy with his gang, that boy who the one want my num. oh goshh, what the  ??  but that boy, clever. if im not wrong he 2B or 2C . when he told to his friend to told to me that he want my num, but im just SILENT and then LAUGH LOUDLY mode* huahuahuahua. feel it boy, im just make a funny from ur idea. :DD i think he felt 'better' after what i have done to he. :PP i don't know u, u too. that's why u wanna make friends with me? if yes, u can't told ur friend to talk with me. nmajelakitapipengecut ! if yourself told me, maybe i will spoke with u babe. sorry, i didn't like a boy like u. that's way can make trouble babe. C: