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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 | 10:14 | 0Comment

aloha all ! :) wheeww, what a busy day for last sat,sun and monday. yaa, my aunty and her family went to they new house on last sat. On last Sunday morning our family were very-2 busy, well they sent they things to they new house. moreover its such a best moments we have. :D Meanwhile, im just can saw they doing they jobs there yaa because im just have operation last thurs morning and checkout from H.U.S on last sat and im can't do many jobs because its can hurts my back. Thats why la, im always careful at school i can't joins my friends play more-2. like i says just now, im just can saw. :3 anyway im hope one day i can be a natural girl, human beings. :) now? ohh, im not like other la babe. at my back have a metal rods, how can i explain it? don't know. :) one weeks im admit to H.U.S its a like a what. What can i says 'bout it? to me hospital clean, dr.there good person, but... i hatehospitaldamnsoomuchh ! ihatemedicine ! at hospital im just think my school, my friends at school what they study there? for me study is first things i want does in my life but my health not allow it. :(  today such a bored day, why not im bored because nobody here with, my parents they here but i means friends for chat-2 like at school, therefore im two weeks didn't study. here what can i study? if i didn't know what my friends study at school. where can i get in4mation if can't comunnicate each other. if FB mode* ==' hard to says babe. handphone* they doesn't have credit phone maa~ want i reload? boleh bla babe ! :P next weeks i can school. huhu, time goes faster please ! :) btw, imissmyfriendsandmyschooldamnsomuch ! :((  k, bye. hope hav a great day in ur own life. :P