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Monday, 5 September 2011 | 14:07 | 0Comment

it me bhaa, anna azylrhine. hehe sure u not to don't know which one my ori blog. this is my new blog. hehe. im too Bored. so i made many2 blog but all that useless dah. hurm, now im at my aunty house yaa because tomorrow i'll go to H.U.S a.k.a hospital umum sarawak. i'll admit to hospital, this thursday i'll operation. :( im scared bha. :'( thats why laa im not school for two weeks after raya holidays. :( anyway, hope my operation then success. Now, im very2 bored bha. Moreover i not goin' to schl ! :(! miss my friends, teacher and my school damn so much ! :( btw, next month we will exam again. omg !  :(
k bye ! not in mood bha stupid ~