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Sunday, 9 October 2011 | 18:40 | 0Comment

heyyy my face like this right now ! give u a middle finger ! :( heyy, im bad mood now. how can it happen to me. ;( actually, im admire someone~ yaaa, a week before PMR i told my friend (petz) to told my 'admire guy' that im in <3 with he. but, unfortunately he not single again. ;(  i know that news just now. how can you feel what i feel right now. it just like 
heh ! i hate it so much ! moreover, he is my SCHOOLMATE. then, his classroom beside my classroom. oh gosssh. ;'( imagine it when im meet with he next week. uhh, such a bad day. i wanna loud , cry ! :(  he, was very2 good guy when you know him more (ye laa tuu kalo leh cya sgt =='). last three months i ever have his number but that time he have girlfie, so i don't want 'cut line' there. :) yea, im good girl actually. :D then last three weeks ago he break with his girlfie. that's why la i wanna asks for privacy maa~ now? he have a new girlfie. :O what the hell type of guy. or that its not true. yaa, my friend (ani) said that when my admire guy have girlfie he will tell my friend, but this time he didn't tell my friend. that why ani said its not true. :(  actually ani is same class with my admire guy bha. IM CONFUSE right now !  :/ which one the right answers? ? whatever' k, im hope my feeling be good after a few hour then. :)  to who know my admire guy, i wanna told you if you meet with he everywhere i don't cares just give he a middle finger~  (huh? why must give he it? uhh, im too don't know.) haha. kbye ! anna syg korg erat2. :DD leave a comment ya !