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Saturday, 22 October 2011 | 14:16 | 0Comment

helo ! :) i miss u blog ! 2 weeks im didn't on9 thats why i can't updates my blog maa~ so now, so many story i wanna tells. first, bad moment i have yaa last Wed' 12/10 im got crush with my jegitt friend, 'till now im didn't speak with she. D': moreover, next week we will exam. humm ! hope i can fokus. pray 4 me~ amen. then last Fri' 14/10 oh god, my admire guy went to my classroom. shy mode* yaaa ampun, then he stand up in front of my table. :3 urgghhh, i can't face to face with he. then Dedo now like ok with me. waaaw, feel better at class when he ok with me now. :))  then, last Fri' too Dedo have been kidding with my friend (wellydia) and his face so fool that times. then im laugh loud (nyo nda behasai hahaha) he looked at me and smile. whatt thee? hahahaha. heyy, his smile good looking. :P   ehhh, last night i have told som1 that 'imy'. yaaa at chatbox, i think he have been op9. so i don't care maa~ then, O.o  he reply what i said. 'imy2' actually i like he since im first school there but that times he have girlfie (xbertuah lalu aku ehh :( )  now he didn't have. and when im wanna go to sleep im said 'ily' then he, 'ily2' uhh ? i think he just kidding kali. don't believe too much. yaaa, next week exam so im can't talk too much now. :)
god bless me & you all too~ :)  kbhoiii !