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say 'bubye' to curls hair, say 'hello' to straight hair. ;)}
Saturday, 8 October 2011 | 13:51 | 0Comment

heyy ! waaww, long time not see u blog. haha ! heeyy u know? my hair has been straighten last Wed, wanna see it? i like it !!! whatever if u don't like it !

yaaa, thats my silly face laa. haha. xD
i take that pic last night bha. haha, my hair didn't wash for three days bha. tomorrow then i wash it. waaw, ilovemyhair right now. but really2 miss my curls hair. heyy before im straigt my hair. this pic was the last one i snap. :D 

yaa its how i am looks before straighten. :D
hurm, i only wanna updates my blog bha. yes, im not show off like others ok? this is my blog, whatever im does its my prob. no relationship with others ! heyy one week plus one day next Mon' im didn't schooling. yaa, our class was booking by the PMR students who will doinng theirs exam there. :) waahh, two weeks after PMR we will exam again. oh goshh. this week im didn't study. :/ (apala kja aku ho. haha) 
im lazy to study bha. :| why its can appears in my heart. waduuh ! i hate when im said to myself that im 'LAZY' huh ! stupid~  heehh  ! dahh, my FB account can't hit button 'LIKE' for a few days. thats why la im feels bored now ! when ya im wanna study? tonight? ohh, not confirm babe. if there appears in my heart said that im 'HARDWORKING' waaa, CONFIRM i will study. moreover if im on9 nobody wanna chat with me. hiuusshh ! whatt thee.  whatever'  okk2. tomorrow go to church? urrgghhh. duno arr. maybe not. my mom said we will go to Julau. really? but im don't want. haha. im too don't know why i don't want. urrgghh. berbual-bual' heyyy 2 ~! ok. if im on9 tonight waiting for me to blogging ! :D bubye ! :)