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i miss you blog !}
Saturday, 19 November 2011 | 11:29 | 0Comment

yeaa, like what you see it's a long time im didn't blogging. and i wanna say HELLO blog ! how's there ? :)
i have many stories to tells, first i wanna says 'bout 'Catholic Youth Camp 2011' damn it ! it's such a best moment in my life. :DD like what i says it's the best moment and i wanna does it again ! thats time were so many activity we did. here some pic i take

here where we does ours activity .

when people singing .

what can i say? it's looking nice ! :)

when ours teachers gave speech
wear blue T-Shirt is mdm Elizabeth & that boy gabriel paul .

we're new generation ! 

yaa, here it is 

yaa, u can see it . and this special picture
wanna i explain it? yaa it's name tag bah. hehe~ azylrhine that my name, and that name besides my name is my freak boy. :D ok2, im not show off ok now im doubles. :DD so, no biggie :)) yea outsides there not too more my friends know 'bout this. :) actually im didn't want all people know 'bout this bah. but who i am to says that lets be a secret. #kata org lama2  pun akan d'ketahui . so whose people know 'bout it im just can respond 'okay :)' hihik~ okay ! i didn't want talk more2 'bout that. #maap sangat2 kalau ada kwan aku yg baca nii, sorry guys aku tak bgtau korg psal brta nii. aku taknak heboh sangat nanti ramai pulak yg gosip2. kalau ada yg kecik hati kerana aku tak bgtau luahkan sja pda aku. :DD http://www.smileycodes.info 

second, right now im here at Kuching City ! oh yea ! well, every holiday you can see me at kch everytime. yaa, my mum study here. study ? erghh, i didn't know la how to explain it :DD here we stay at my cousins house paty. today paty didn't here she goes to Bau for YCS camp. so im alone here at her room :) last night im so late sleep at 12 o'clock . hehe~ im facebooking bah, at there im ngeLIKE my fb friends status :DD
huh ! what i wanna says right now? all my stories has been tells so im wanna says babaII and i wanna says im sorry if i have been says something wrong or that can make you angry, sad or #terasa ~ ;D