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nice date 20.11.2011}
Sunday, 20 November 2011 | 21:09 | 0Comment

heyy y'all ! today the date nice rites ? yaa, today also my mum b'day ! waahh, happy b'day to my beloved mum ! may god bless my mum always~  hum !today im just online, online & online. :D today very2 bored. moreover my freak boy didn't texting to me because he didn't have credit phone. if i share? must pay. hihik~ yeslaa twice i have share him credit but 'till now he didn't pay it ! two days we didn't texting. what thee ? damn it ! im really2 miss he bha! hergghh ! he have fb but didn't online too. ;(  this evening, me and whole my family maa playing outsides of house. bestt ! so, it can throw away my feeling miss to him. huhuw~ such many things we does, playing badminton & basketball, gardening and more laa. and right now im blogging while online :) ohh, almost forget ! tomorrow paty back home, oh yeahh ! her room will rockin'again when she here. ;DD but,when she at home celcom line will -____- aiyoo~ what happen ? im too didn't know. it's orites bah, she can't online then ! hohow~