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november dha.}
Friday, 4 November 2011 | 22:55 | 0Comment

hello ! :) eihh, my results exam has been know and im no.4 at class. ;'( uwaaaaa ! heeyyyy i want follow 'penyampaian sijil 2011' bha. but my results didn't allow it. Ok fine ! but next year im must follow it ! eihh, last Thurs' bha we know 'bout ours results exam. when i see my results, oh my god. i can't control, im was crying. ;(     my friend Jenna, my bestiess thanks so much ! she was know what im feeling that time, she understand me. thanks again to my besties Jenna. iloveyou~  and Dedo, he at class often see at me. where ever i am he also there. eihh ! heyy Dedo ! if you want me tells me wei ! ehehe. erhh, next week on Tues' ours class (1A) made party, just a simple party and Cikgu Echi (PK petang) he said can brings camera. waaww ! i can't control my feeling that wanna go that party !! o.O i want take picta more2 with my friends. yaaa, for ours memory. ;DD
moreover, my three friends that was teacher caught theirs phone last two weeks next week too that teacher give theirs own phone. wahh ! mean, i can sms theirs again next week laaa. :DD  weehh, i want share this too. hurm, should i share? maybe not, well now nobody know what it is. ok, lets it be my secret alone laa. hehe  kbye !! my results exam DOWN ! :O babaII  ;)