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Tuesday, 27 December 2011 | 12:02 | 0Comment

hello ! yeahh, today im like to speaking. huhu~ hurm, right now im at Sibujaya. ya, yesterday im goin' back from kuching maa~ wawawawa~! miss Patricia Jay damn much bha !! hoho ~ yesterday, such a tired day bha ! :( like 7 or 8 hours in car ! huh ! moreover, my freak boy didn't text because he goin' to his mom hometown at Betong. D: but this morning he text me !!!! waaaa~ he still remember me ho ? yaayaaa, i know what you all think right now, 'huh want update blog just telling her lovetory, just shut up' . no, no, no ! i wanted tell that, yesterday. wahh~! many places that me and my family goin' yaaa, first lachau then bought durian there bha. waaa~ but i didn't ate that time because headache >,< then Betong, wahh mamam there and more places laa. hihi :) yaa im love it, huh this morning i heard that my mum said that this 29th we will go to Bintulu. Wahhh ~ yeah !!! i can't wait bha ! LOL !  well, Bintulu wait for me. hehe ! this ya, my picta time in my mom car i snap it yesterday. bored, so what i snap laa. heee~ see ya ~
the best picta of the best :DD