" Beau in defaut "


Hai Welcome Here

" black is my love "

We can chatting here

i don't know what can i title this story, hehe :')}
Sunday, 4 December 2011 | 22:08 | 0Comment

hola ! ;D  yeahh, last Sat' 3/12/11 me, paty and ours family goin' shopping went to boulevard. WHAT A BEST DAY. :DD nothing at all~ ;D
yeahh, its me with a big pooh. waaa ! badly i want this bear bha. :( eventhough i can hug it that days  ;D 

HAHA ITS ME LAA.  bored mode so paty take my pic laa. ;D

 yeah ! how's look ? ouh these three picta , its take by me. :)

oohhh, very2 tired after shopping at there.so many peoples xD yeaa, we didn't bought many things at there laa.  okay laa, till here im done update my blog . kbye. i heart you all :)