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Thursday, 1 December 2011 | 00:03 | 0Comment

heyy all ! :) right now im still online. yeahh, fuckin' bored when just texting with my freak boy. last evening, 30/11/11 on 6 o'clock like that for the first time i video calling with my freak boy. yeah, our place distance were so far. im felt good after have video calling with he, what a long time we didn't met. ;(  #jauh d'mata, dekat d'hati chewah ! last Sun' 27/11/11 me, paty and ours family were goin' out together. yeah ! we went to Indian street. we bought many things err, i can't list it. ;) that night too we celebrate my mum, cousins (alun and nick) theirs b'day. yaaa, such a best moment for this month. :) ohh, that 'bout my family and personal storyy. now, this what i can says. err ==' speechless. it's 'bout storyy in fb, whose have add me and see my wall, well theirs will asks for many questions. yaa, lasts day ago a guy post on my wall 'ily~' oh yeah ? now here im explain he is my best boyfriend ever had ! #hooii 'boyfriend' - kwn lelaki laa bongok continue, im too don't know why i can closed with he but when at school when we met just like never seen and right now maybe we not shy again when we met but he said he will transfers to another school next year at Sri Aman, ohh damn when we can met again if he tranfers ;( hope it's cancel. why i like have feeling with he? is't ? oh no. #true love love of friendship ;D we're just friends when we closed on fb thats good. :) ya, when im in trouble he always there :) thankyoupadhil ! you're my besties. :DD OK, today first day of december so wish what you want this month ^^ yea, im not wish too many things because im happy with my life right now, ya don't too confident because nobody know what happen on future just God know it C:
u make me wanna says babaII, when im felt sleepy. :DD