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first day of 2012}
Sunday, 1 January 2012 | 19:33 | 0Comment

hye yo ? ;D i miss you all ~ especially my hometown. Well, this holiday i go travelling to all my cousins hometown. Chewahhh ! Love it bha, such a best holiday ~ yeah, first i goes to Kuching then Bintulu. How's felt ? chiwahhh ! don't asks laa, let me told. ;DD  at Kuching so long, like a month i and my family stay there, on 26/12/11 we back to hometown. Then 29/12/11 goin' to Bintulu celebrates happy new year there ! hihi 2 days coming, say 'HAIII' to school. Yooo !! iloveschooling. :* this years its maybe many things will happen we still don't know about the future :) i hope its a simple2 years, not like the others years that i have been felt. Not hard, not too simple. yeah, im 14teen years old babe. im adults but my body short. huh ! :( maybe its faith, yaa what can i does if its my faith :3 just accept. hee ! okay2 no story to told anymore, wait for me when i can update :) k, babaII :D (my eng not Prof. like others C: )