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Friday, 6 January 2012 | 23:46 | 0Comment

SMILE first before read :) 
hi everyone ! miss me ? hihi :) a week has been schooling, no worried laa, many things happen that shocked to me. First things that shock me, im study at 2K last years im 1A, 2K mean the best class, standard student there, understand ? not ? okay. at that class all student were genius. ;) huh ! a question, HOW CAN I STUDY AT THAT CLASS ? im not genius like others bha, im just anna who not genius, not blockhead (atau kata erti lain 'not stupid')too. D:   :( nobody understood why i don't like that class. not because the peoples there but because my healthy problem :'( im always absent because im always met doctor whenever he wanted. Doctor not cares 'bout all my school when i said 'today is my school start exam' he will no answers and just does his work to do. WTF !  once he understood how's my school life its enough to me, first things in my life i don't want  leaving school activities eventhough healthy important than everything idc anymore :O healthy problem ? what is it ? yeah, i can't told you details. second or last things shocked me is im (penolong ketua kelas in eng ? :DD hahahahaha) later i find in dictionary. im don't want but peoples in that class vote me to be it ;( i can't accept it because theirs didn't asks me before does it D; whatever laa, now im online but off chatbox because so many strangers wanna chat with me especially guys. :OO yaa i can't chat with them because i know they will asks me to be theirs girl, huh ? what thee ? idc, its often things happen to me on Facebook. That's why i off chatbox moreover my freak boy maybe will jealous when he knows but im never kept secret from him :) no biggie laa, if im never forgot to put him in my entry because its faith just accept :DD
so maybe untill here im update :) see you on the next update :D gudnites and babaII all !