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contact lens obssesion :)}
Sunday, 26 February 2012 | 14:31 | 0Comment

oh ya ? :))))) BIG SMILE ! i obsses with contact lens right now, err -,- like, like, like :) my picture up there ignore it :P just see my eyes ya ? :DDD the one i wearing at up there brown colour , 0.0 mm, the contact lens just for fun. u have it, don't have right ? ohh, pity :P huh~ at my school right now, many girls used it up :) o.O some suitable, some not  :O oh, look like im judge theirs? err ==' idc. i buy it rm40, expensive right but i love it damn sooooooo much ! :) hehe~ okayyyy then, just want show you that one :P got jealous? oh yeahh, i loved that feelings   ^.<   k, bubye~ exam, exam, FOKUS :)