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Saturday, 18 July 2015 | 01:50 | 0Comment

Hai  semua:) its been a long time right? em ikr. Rasa-rasanya banyak dah lupa akan Anna. hehe. nvm. Memang patut pun. Hampir 2 years menghilang guyss.Nak kata busy takdalah sangat. Just really dont care sangat lah dulu. kira malas cam tu lah. Hehewww. Last update was on 2013. Haishh. But belum terlambat lagi rasanya:D my PMR result dulu, Straight A's. 7 A's. Siapa tak bangga hoo, heeee. Now i have to deal with SPM. I am SPM candidate. Tak terasa ehh? ikr. Well i am struggle for SPM right now. Am i study hard? not really. so i am not hoping WOW result for SPM. Anna hanya buat semampu yg boleh. nak push mana pun kalau otak dah tak dapat terima sangat dlm satu masa, apa boleh buat kan. Berdoa itu penting:) I am happy now. on my family side i dont know what words fit to describe but only deep in my heart know what it is and i'll keep it by myself. Relationship? Happily ever after? haha. taklah sangat. I am so in love and always be in love with Tarcisius Amping:) I love you so much babe. U know that. Haihhhh. dah dah lahh. haha. SPM ingatttt :D thanks for reading guys! lots of love ^^